Friday, April 06, 2018

Back in the Landes League mood

After a three week break, Landesleague games will pick back up again on Sunday. Türkiyemspor will host Lichtenrader BC at 14:00 on the 21st game day of the league at Katzbachstadion.

Just in time for its 40th anniversary, Türkiyemspor has a chance here. Türkiyem has won all five league games this year. 17 to 2 goals and 15 points makes Türkiyemspor the best team in the second half of the season. Table rankings are also strong. The Kreuzberg team climbed from 4th place to 2nd in the second half of the league – a place that can guarantee a league jump for the Blue and Whites if they hang on to it.

But no one wants to talk about that at Türkiyemspor right now. The season highlight for the club is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and an upcoming friendly match on May 20, a part anniversary celebrations, to be played against the second division club FC Union Berlin.

And, despite the momentous start in 2018, there are still 10 tough games to come. One of these will be when Türkiyemspor clashes on April 22 with league leader Berolina Stralau in Kreuzberg. And shortly before the end of the season on June 10, Hilalspor, currently at 3rd place and the winner of the first Kreuzberg derby this season, will meet the Blue and Whites at Katzbachstadion for the second Kreuzberg derby.

But first, this Sunday Türkiyemspor has to show how they used the long league break. For guest team Lichtenrader BC it’s a crucial game. With 21 points they are only saved from being in the last three by their goal average – a hair’s breath from dropping down a league. The first game this season against Lichtenrade was just over three months ago, ending in a 1:1 draw. Türkiyem kept a long 1-0 advantage with a goal scored by Marino Stawrakakis until Lichtenrade came back in the final minute.

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