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Friends of Türkiyemspor was founded in 2002 to support the football club, Türkiyemspor Berlin, and to participate in social, cultural and political activities in the sports world. Türkiyemspor Berlin is a well known and loved football club in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, and was founded by Turkish immigrants in 1975. Friends of Türkiyemspor aims to strengthen and strengthen the club’s representation in Berlin, in part through a public relations campaign geared towards culturally and socially active members of civil society.

Türkiyemspor, as a football club with a proudly diverse membership, is well aware of its social responsibility to further the values of justice, equality and interculturality. Therefore anti-discrimination is an important theme in the work of Friends of Türkiyemspor. With the goal of making athletic opportunities available to as many people and groups as possible, we see anti-discrimination campaigns as the basis of our volunteer activities.

As part of our drive towards social equality for all, Friends of Türkiyemspor founded Türkiyemspor’s women and girls’ soccer division in 2004. The division started with one team of under-12s in their first season and has since expanded to about 100 players and five teams. This makes Türkiyemspor one of the few clubs in Berlin with a complete women’s department – from the youngest to the adults.

Through our efforts, Türkiyemspor received the DFB Integration Award in 2007, and the Berliner Tulpe for our campaign against homophobia in 2010.
Our goals and activities include:

• developing concepts for girls and women`s soccer
• facilitating athletic activities for local youth
• facilitating and organizing training capacities
• establishing training facilities to develop professional players
• developing sports activities for the elderly to further physical health
• furthering international exchange and dialogue
• projects to further interculturality, muti-culturality and interfaith dialogue
• professional, pedagogic assistance to underprivileged families of different backgrounds and heritages
• counseling and assistance for youth and adults in residential, judicial, academic and social issues
• counseling and assistance in health issues, especially for the elderly with a non-German heritage and those in need of German language assistance
• developing and facilitating initiatives to support the German-Turkish exchange to overcome prejudices and discrimination

Friends of Türkiyemspor is an organization of common public interest and can issue receipts for donations.

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