Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Not a good weekend

After several weeks of uninterrupted success, the first defeat in 2018 for Türkiyemspor’s #1 Men’s team came on Sunday at Katzbachstadion. In a double whammy, the #1 Women’s team also lost their home game at Blücherstraße.

Last Friday we had said the Sunday game would be an important chance for the men’s team to show how they had used the three week long Landes League break. It is hard for any team to keep its momentum going after such a long break.

Nevertheless, Türkiyemspor took the lead early on Sunday and everything seemed to be going well, scoring the first goal of the game. But the opponent Lichtenrader BC, as we mentioned last week, was fighting to keep a very precarious position in the league. After just 6 minutes they brought the game to a 1 : 1 tie, pulling their advantage to 1 : 2 before the first half was over.

By the second half, they had a 1 : 3 lead. The Blue and Whites gave it their all, only to see the game get harder. Türkiyem’s Bekai Jagne shot their second goal just before the final whistle, but it was too late for victory and the game ended 2 : 3 for Lichtenrader.

Türkiyemspor gets to keep its second place in the league though as its closest competitor also suffered a defeat.

On Sunday, April 15, the league continues with Türkiyem up against Berliner SC at high noon. This will be another dangerous game for the Blue and Whites because like Lichtenrader, next week’s opponent will also be bringing it all in fight to stay in the league. Türkiyemspor should be forewarned.

Even the women lost

Last Sunday brought a double defeat as the first women of Türkiyem conceded 0 : 2 to Borussia Pankow at Blücherplatz. Türkiyemspor dominated the first part of the match but couldn’t keep its advantage. Türkiyemspor’s 1st Women’s team continues in fifth place with 34 points. On Sunday they will play Hertha 03 at 12:15pm.

4 goals by Cihan Mutlu

The second men’s team bought the club some solace on Saturday when they scored a significant 6:1 win over Nordberliner SC in the Kreis League. The player of the day was Cihan Mutlu, who managed to shoot 4 goals. That team is now in 6th place with 35 points, just 5 points shy of jumping up a spot. The Kreis League games continue for the Blue and Whites on Sunday, April 15 at SF Charlottenburg. 

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