Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Türkiyem kicks off the new season with its main sponsor, Betfair

Türkiyemspor Berlin will take to the field in the 2011-12 Oberleague season wearing the Betfair logo. Betfair is one of the world’s largest online gaming organisations and has signed a sponsorship agreement with Türkiyemspor for the 2011-12 season.
Türkiyemspor, a multi-cultural sports club, now shares the sponsor of world famous clubs like Manchester and FC Barcelona. “Our partnership with Betfair in the new season is an important and successful step for us. We are leaving behind the disappointment of last season. We must lay the foundation for a successful and sustainable future together – we must build that future together for the success of Türkiyemspor. Signing a sponsorship contract with an internationally successful organisation is another important step in multi-cultural bridge building for Türkiyemspor and it is a sign of our appeal.
For the past few years sponsorship for the club has been handled by our management team. This season, for the first time in years, we will have an independent sponsor in Betfair. Betfair, a leader in the sports betting market, runs the world’s largest online gaming community and has been publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange since October 2010. Through this sponsorship agreement with Turkiyemspor, the London-based Betfair is entering the German football market for the first time. Our agreement with Betfair is initially for one year, the 2011/2012 season, with an option for renewal.
Türkiyemspor has campaigned for tolerance and against violence since it was founded in 1978 by Turkish Berliners. It is considered a pioneering model of integration and is accepted and supported by the local community.
“Türkiyemspor has worked hard both in the field of athleticism and in working for tolerance and integration within and beyond the local community. For us they are more than a football club. We specifically chose to sign with a sports club and not a professional football club. Without a foundation of sports clubs like this, there would be no professional football clubs. We are very pleased to be the new sponsors of such a special sports club and for the role we will play in helping this club move forward from the troubles of last season,” said Betfair regional manager of Germany and Central Europe Peter Reinhardt.

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