Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Friends of Türkiyemspor

Friends of Türkiyemspor have been founded in 2002 to support the club as well in athletic topics as on social, cultural and political issues. The aim is to improve the clubs public representation as a well-known organization, founded by turkish migrants, and to strengthen public relations in the district, the city of Berlin, in the media, towards culturally and socially active members of the civil society. Türkiyemspor, as a football-club, is well aware of its social responsibility and willing to spread values of fairness and interculturality. Therefore anti-disrcimination is an important topic in the work of „friends of Türkiyemspor“. Based on the intention to facilitate athletic opportunities to as many people as possible, we also consider campaigns against all kinds of discrimination as basic for our voluntary activities. Not to be mentioned as last, we founded the section for girls and women soccer in 2004, which started with an under 12-team in 2005 into their first season. Since then about 100 players joined our club and play in five teams now, which makes us one of the very few that can call a whole girls and women`s football department part of their club. To honour our work the DFB awarded us the „Integration-price“ in 2007 and we also won the „Berliner Tulpe“ for our activities against homphobia in 2010.

contact: fordervereints@googlemail.com

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