Saturday, August 26, 2017

#süperstart: 4x3

The summer break has come to an end, and so also for Türkiyemspor. Three teams from Türkiyemspor started their league games now and rarely has a blue and white season started so successfully. Four games, four wins make for a good mood.

For the 2017-18 season, Türkiyem started with a total of 28 teams from the U7 to the U40. While the youth teams do not have to start until the end of the summer holidays in September, the men´s  teams, first, second and third, have already finished their season opening.


The third men´s team kicked off the season last weekend. The team, made up mainly of refugees from Afghanistan, is now playing in Kreisklasse C after last season in Kreisklasse B. The first game of the season was an away game won against Hertha 03 (IV) with a score of 1:0 – and that goal was scored by the hosts themselves. Lars Henkel of Hertha 03 delivered Türkiyemspor the first win of the season. Türkiyemspor (III) can also score their own goals, as they proved a week later, with four goals against TSV Mariendorf (III), winning the game 4:1 and giving them a season start with 6 points, 5:1 goals and 4th place.

Whether the blue and whites can continue this trend will be seen this weekend when Türkiyem receives the current table leader, SFC Friedrichshain (IV). The game will be played on the square at Blücherstrasse on Sunday, August 27 at 14:30.

Link Table Kreisliga B 2


Türkiyemspor´s second men´s team also got off to a good start in  their season opening. The first mandatory game of the year came with a clear victory over FC Treptow, ending at 5:2. The game started off with a goal for the opponents, followed by Cihan (2), Marten and Taşkın (2) for Türkiyemspor. There will be no game for the second team for two weeks. And then instead of a normal league game comes the 1st round of the Berlin cup. That match will take place on September 3 at 12 noon in Blücherplatz. The opponent is SC Borsigwalde (II).


The men's team of Türkiyemspor are playing in the Landes league in the 2017-18 season, after they missed their chance to reach the higher Berlin league in the final days of the last season. This season Türkiyemspor has a completely different face. New coaches, Lars Mrosko and co-coach Selcuk Birgin, formed a team that reminds us of the Türkiyemspor spirit of the past. Some players from recent years, struggling for the club during the difficult period of bankruptcy, also received a number of new signings. Now a true Berlin mixture is wearing the blue and white instead of a "Turkish" selection. Four players joined the team with coach  Mrosko from FC Internationale: Shane Keil, Anselm Stüker, Jannick Hempowicz and Marten Weinitschke. There are also Ammar Al Abdah and Samer Awad from Normania 08 as well as Abdul Mumeen (Spandau 06), Khaled Srese (Gatow), Abulfailu Abubakar (BJK Berlin), Bekai Jagne (SSC Teutonia), Marino Stawrakakis (Marienfelde) and Ali Nazem of Altglienicke. And completely new: with Moritz Schmidt and Hendrik Lüttschwager, two players from the second men´s team of Türkiyemspor have advanced to the first team for the first time in the club's history.

As luck would have it, the first game was against Mrosko’s old team, a team he obviously knows well. And the coach had the right of it, even if Internationale came back from 2:0 to score at tie in the first half. Türkiyemspor turned things back around in the second half, winning the game. The substitution of Moritz for Beyazit at half time then turned out to be the decisive move, with Moritz scoring the final goal at the 60th minute to take the blue and whites to a the 3:2 victory.  

At Kreuzberg one now hopes for the Lienen effect, because Mrosko is known not only for his football experience, but also as a critical thinker, who can point out the weaknesses of the game. His philosophy, which makes another football possible, fits Kreuzberg and Türkiyemspor. Whether or not the Mrosko effect can continue will be seen on match day 2 on Sunday, August 27 at Concordia Wittenau. The kick-off is at 12:30pm in the stadium Wittenau, Göschenstr. 9-28, 13437 Berlin, Germany


Women's team: Still in preparation

The women of Türkiyemspor are still in the pre-season practice. The first mandatory game for Türkiyemspor’s top league team - 4th class - is on September 2.  Observers will have a chance to see the women’s team’s performance earlier though, in a friendly match against Hansa 07, on Sunday, August 27 at 2:00pm at Blücherplatz.

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