Monday, October 16, 2017

Türkiyemspor gets lead in Berlinliga

On the 6th game day of the Berlinliga, Türkiyemspor won with a goal from Jessica in the 19th minute against Lichtenberg 47 with 1:0.

Türkiyemspor handed Lichtenberg their first defeat of the season, continuing its own streak of no losses, earning 16 points and taking the lead. Türkiyemspor’s women’s team has made club history again, rising to the top of the class in Berlin for the first time.

Türkiyemspor: Douha, Ida ( Ghoufrane 90´), Lara-Meltem, Safiye, Zehra, Sanna, Arzum, Denise, Ulrike, Jessica (Martha 66´), Fatima

Here you can see highlights of the game report on Spreekick TV

Interviews with the coaches on Spreekick TV

Türkiyemspor hosts the Moabiter SV next week, on October 21 at 2:30pm at the sports field at Blücherstraße.

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