Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Türkiyemspor protest

With no field to train in, Türkiyemspor will take its team practices to the streets in protest against the sports politics of Berlin. Despite 30 years of successful work, Turkiyemspor is without a quality training field for its 1st team and the A-Youth team.

The city of Berlin has failed to provide Turkiyemspor with a place to train its teams, despite the factthat the club is representing the city in the Regionalliga. Turkiyemspor has been forced to carry out its practices in a different place each time. This does not provide the club with the apprpriate or even useful training for the German Regionalliga. If the sports politics of Berlin do not change soon, Turkiyemspor and its place in the league will be harmed.

Türkiyemspor will stage its protest public practice on Wednesday November 5 at 6:30 pm in front of the Kreuzberg Municipality at Yorckstraße 4-11. We call all Berlin soccer lovers to support the protest of the Berlin No. 3 team - Türkiyemspor Berlin.

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